47.37.010 Declaration of policy
47.37.030 Powers of department
47.37.040 Duties of department
47.37.050 Interdepartmental coordinating committee
47.37.120 Program development and implementation
47.37.125 Payment for services
47.37.140 Treatment facilities
47.37.150 Admission for treatment
47.37.160 Voluntary treatment of alcoholics
47.37.180 Emergency commitment
47.37.190 Involuntary commitment
47.37.200 Hearing, commitment, facility, discharge, transfer, and rights
47.37.205 Procedure for recommitment following 30-day commitment
47.37.207 Unauthorized absences: return to facility
47.37.210 Records of alcoholics, drug abusers, and intoxicated persons
47.37.220 Visitation and communication with patients
47.37.230 Establishment of emergency service patrol
47.37.235 Limitations on liability; bad faith application a felony
47.37.240 Payment for treatment
47.37.245 Wages of patients
47.37.250 Effect of chapter on other laws
47.37.260 Application of Administrative Procedure Act
47.37.270 Definitions