03.40.010 Brands and marks
03.40.020 Record of ownership
03.40.030 Recording
03.40.040 Copy of record; procurement; fee
03.40.050 Use without certificate prohibited
03.40.060 Penalty for use without certificate
03.40.070 Brand is personal property
03.40.080 Record is evidence of ownership
03.40.090 Publication of record
03.40.110 Animals from other states
03.40.120 Sale of branded livestock
03.40.130 Exhibition of bill of sale by purchaser
03.40.140 Sale without power of attorney or bill of sale prohibited
03.40.150 Penalty for sale without power of attorney or bill of sale; proof; defenses
03.40.180 Preservation of hide required
03.40.190 Inspected slaughterers exempt
03.40.200 Record of branded hides
03.40.210 Penalty for violation of AS 03.40.200
03.40.220 Reserved brand “S” on left jaw
03.40.230 Branding of spayed heifers
03.40.240 Penalty regarding spayed heifers
03.40.250 Inspection of branded livestock
03.40.260 General penalty
03.40.270 Definitions