09.65.070 Suits against incorporated units of local government
09.65.080 Suits by incorporated units of local government
09.65.083 Civil liability of nonprofit and university fire departments
09.65.085 Civil liability of electric utility
09.65.091 Civil liability for responding to disaster
09.65.092 Civil liability for voluntary aircraft safety inspection
09.65.094 Liability for inspection, installation, or adjustment of a child safety seat
09.65.095 Liability for administration of blood test
09.65.096 Civil liability of hospitals for certain physicians
09.65.097 Civil liability for emergency veterinary care
09.65.112 Civil liability for aircraft and watercraft guest passengers
09.65.145 Liability for injuries or death resulting from livestock activities
09.65.150 Duty to disabled pedestrians
09.65.155 Civil liability of firearms or ammunition manufacturer or dealer
09.65.160 Immunity for good faith disclosures of job performance information
09.65.161 Immunity for disclosure of required health care data
09.65.170 Limited liability of certain directors and officers
09.65.180 Civil liability of zoos
09.65.200 Tort immunity for personal injuries or death occurring on unimproved land
09.65.202 Tort immunity for landowners’ allowing recreational activity; adverse possession
09.65.205 Civil liability for controlled substances offense
09.65.210 Damages resulting from commission of a felony or while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
09.65.215 Immunity of peace officer for use of body wire eavesdropping device
09.65.220 Immunity for certain real property disclosures
09.65.230 Innocent misrepresentations by agents in real property transfers
09.65.235 Immunity for negotiated regulation making committee and its members
09.65.240 Liability of the state and regional educational attendance areas for release of hazardous substances
09.65.245 Immunity for certain persons supplying or using gravel or other aggregate material; limitations on asbestos-related actions against defendants
09.65.250 Immunity for certain actions related to child support
09.65.255 Liability for acts of minors
09.65.270 Civil immunity related to the sale or transfer of a firearm
09.65.280 Civil liability of state for acts or omissions of village public safety officers
09.65.290 Civil liability for sports or recreational activities
09.65.292 Parental waiver of child’s negligence claim against provider of sports or recreational activity
09.65.295 Liability involving a peace officer or firefighter
09.65.300 Immunity for providing free health care services
09.65.305 Immunity for distributing free recycled used eyeglasses
09.65.315 Damages resulting from driving the vehicle of a person under the influence of an alcoholic beverage
09.65.320 Nonrecovery for damages for noneconomic losses resulting from operating a motor vehicle while uninsured
09.65.330 Immunity: Use of defensive force
09.65.340 Immunity for prescribing, providing, or administering an opioid overdose drug