39.35.371 Distribution requirements
39.35.381 Alternate benefit for elected public officers
39.35.385 Conditional service retirement benefits
39.35.389 Alternate benefits for EPORS members
39.35.395 Voluntary contribution benefit
39.35.400 Nonoccupational disability benefits
39.35.415 Reemployment of disabled employees
39.35.420 Nonoccupational death benefits
39.35.450 Joint and survivor option
39.35.455 Rights under qualified domestic relations order
39.35.475 Post-retirement pension adjustment
39.35.480 Cost-of-living allowance
39.35.490 Designation of beneficiary
39.35.495 Time limit for application
39.35.500 Safeguard of employee funds held by the plan; transfer to other plans
39.35.505 Exemption of employee funds and benefits
39.35.510 Voluntary waiver of benefits
39.35.520 Adjustments
39.35.527 Election to terminate coverage as a peace officer or firefighter
39.35.530 Limit on pension
39.35.535 Medical benefits
39.35.541 Actuarial reduction of benefit
39.35.546 State and federal taxation of benefits
39.35.547 Effect of amendments