43.31.011 Tax upon estates of resident decedents
43.31.021 Tax upon estates of nonresident decedents
43.31.031 Tax upon estates of alien decedents
43.31.041 Administration by Department of Revenue
43.31.051 Examination of books, papers, records, etc
43.31.061 Appointment, bonds and credentials of agents
43.31.071 Regulations
43.31.091 Actions by or against department
43.31.111 Notice of death or tax return
43.31.121 Tax return in certain cases
43.31.131 Failure to make return and extension
43.31.141 When tax due, extension and interest
43.31.151 Notice of deficiency in federal estate tax
43.31.181 Receipts for taxes
43.31.191 Failure to pay tax
43.31.201 Tax payable from entire estates and third persons
43.31.221 Personal liability of executor
43.31.230 Sale of real estate by executor to pay tax
43.31.240 Actions to enforce payment
43.31.250 No discharge of executor until tax paid
43.31.260 Agreements as to tax due
43.31.280 Refunds of excess tax paid
43.31.290 Superior court judge to furnish names of decedents
43.31.300 Corporate executors of nonresident decedents
43.31.310 Prima facie liability for tax
43.31.320 Discharge of estate; notice of lien, limitation, etc
43.31.330 Disposition of proceeds
43.31.340 Interpretation and construction
43.31.350 Failure to produce records
43.31.400 Effectiveness of chapter
43.31.410 Exemptions
43.31.420 Definitions
43.31.430 Short title