A. A person commits sexual extortion by knowingly communicating a threat with the intent to coerce another person to do any of the following:

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 13-1428

  • Felony: A crime carrying a penalty of more than a year in prison.
  • Felony: means an offense for which a sentence to a term of imprisonment in the custody of the state department of corrections is authorized by any law of this state. See Arizona Laws 13-105
  • Knowingly: means , with respect to conduct or to a circumstance described by a statute defining an offense, that a person is aware or believes that the person's conduct is of that nature or that the circumstance exists. See Arizona Laws 13-105
  • Person: means a human being and, as the context requires, an enterprise, a public or private corporation, an unincorporated association, a partnership, a firm, a society, a government, a governmental authority or an individual or entity capable of holding a legal or beneficial interest in property. See Arizona Laws 13-105
  • Property: means anything of value, tangible or intangible. See Arizona Laws 13-105
  • Sexual intercourse: means penetration into the penis, vulva or anus by any part of the body or by any object or masturbatory contact with the penis or vulva. See Arizona Laws 13-1401

1. Engage in sexual contact or sexual intercourse.

2. Allow the other person’s genitals, anus or female breast to be photographed, filmed, videotaped or digitally recorded.

3. Exhibit the other person’s genitals, anus or female breast.

B. Sexual extortion is a class 3 felony unless the victim is under fifteen years of age in which case sexual extortion is a class 2 felony punishable pursuant to section 13-705.

C. For the purposes of this section, "communicating a threat" means a threat to do any of the following:

1. Damage the property of the other person.

2. Harm the reputation of the other person.

3. Produce or distribute a photograph, film, videotape or digital recording that depicts the other person engaging in sexual contact or sexual intercourse or the exhibition of the other person’s genitals, anus or female breast.