A. The governing body shall publish a call of election at least twice in a newspaper of general circulation in the election district in which a nonpartisan election is being held not less than one week apart during the six calendar weeks preceding ninety days before the election which shall contain:

1. The purpose of the election.

2. The date of holding the election.

3. The last date and place for filing nomination petitions, if applicable.

4. The last date to register to vote in the election.

5. The name of the election district conducting the election.

6. The proposed boundaries of the election district, if for establishment or annexation.

7. If the election is a special district mail ballot election as described in chapter 4, article 8.1 of this title, the date the mail ballots will be mailed to qualified electors of the district.

B. In lieu of publishing the call described in subsection A, the governing body may mail a call of election to each household in the district containing a qualified elector. Such call shall contain the same information described in subsection A and be mailed not later than ninety days before the election.