All information reported to or likewise obtained by the commission or its representatives in connection with any inspection or investigation under this article which contains or which might reveal a trade secret shall be considered confidential for the purpose of this article, except that such information may be disclosed to other representatives of the division or commission concerned with carrying out this article or when relevant in any proceeding under this article. In any such proceeding, the director, the commission, the administrative law judge, the review board or the courts shall issue orders as may be appropriate to protect the confidentiality of trade secrets.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 23-426

  • Board: means a review board established pursuant to section 23-422. See Arizona Laws 23-401
  • Commission: means the industrial commission of Arizona. See Arizona Laws 23-401
  • Director: means the director of the division. See Arizona Laws 23-401
  • Division: means the division of occupational safety and health within the commission. See Arizona Laws 23-401
  • Trade secret: means a plan or process, tool, mechanism, or compound not patented, known only to its owner and those of the owner's employees to whom it is necessary to confide it, or other information that the employer treats as confidential and has a reasonable basis for doing so. See Arizona Laws 23-401