A. The head of the budget unit or his authorized agent in depositing monies with the state treasurer shall use forms authorized by the state treasurer.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 35-147

  • Authorized agent: means a commercial enterprise that is contracted to process transactions on behalf of a state agency. See Arizona Laws 35-101
  • Budget unit: means any department, commission, board, institution or other agency of this state receiving, expending or disbursing state monies or incurring obligations against this state. See Arizona Laws 35-101

B. The treasurer’s deposit shall be delivered to the state treasurer together with the remittance or proof of prior deposit with the state servicing bank.  The state treasurer shall validate the deposit and provide a confirmation to the budget units to be retained by the issuing budget unit. The treasurer’s confirmation shall show the amount, the date deposited and a unique identifying number that will link the deposit to accounting documents and fund details maintained in the statewide accounting system. The treasurer’s deposit forms shall be issued to the budget units by the department of administration. The administrative head of each budget unit shall be held accountable for each deposit.