Each state agency shall publish annually in the register, in the state directory and in a telephone directory for Maricopa county the name or names of those employees who are designated by the agency to assist members of the public or regulated community in seeking information or assistance from the agency.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 41-1006

  • Agency: means any board, commission, department, officer or other administrative unit of this state, including the agency head and one or more members of the agency head or agency employees or other persons directly or indirectly purporting to act on behalf or under the authority of the agency head, whether created under the Constitution of Arizona or by enactment of the legislature. See Arizona Laws 41-1001
  • Register: means the Arizona administrative register, which is:

    (a) This state's official publication of rulemaking notices that are filed with the office of secretary of state. See Arizona Laws 41-1001