A. All outdoor light fixtures shall be fully or partially shielded except incandescent fixtures of one hundred fifty watts or less and other sources of seventy watts or less.  Streetlight fixtures are exempt from this requirement if the shielding is not available from the manufacturer.

Terms Used In Arizona Laws 49-1102

  • Partially shielded: means that fixtures are shielded in such a manner that the bottom edge of the shield is below the plane of the center line of the lamp reducing light above the horizontal. See Arizona Laws 49-1101

B. This section does not apply to emergency lighting that is used by police, firefighters, correctional personnel or medical personnel and that is in operation as long as the emergency exists.

C. All outdoor lighting used for programs, projects or improvements of a city or town relating to the construction, reconstruction, improvement or maintenance of a street or highway are exempt.

D. All outdoor lighting used for construction or major renovation of municipal buildings, structures and facilities of a city or town are exempt.