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Terms Used In Arizona Laws 8-261

  • Court: means the juvenile division of the superior court. See Arizona Laws 8-261
  • Department: means the department of child safety. See Arizona Laws 8-201
  • juvenile: means an individual who is under the age of eighteen years. See Arizona Laws 8-201
  • Prevention: means the creation of conditions, opportunities and experiences that encourage and develop healthy, self-sufficient children and that occur before the onset of problems. See Arizona Laws 8-201

1. "Court" means the juvenile division of the superior court.

2. "Family counseling programs" means those public and private programs established pursuant to rules and guidelines promulgated and administered by the presiding judge of the juvenile division of the superior court in each participating county and approved by the supreme court for the purpose of strengthening family relationships and prevention of juvenile delinquency.

3. "Juvenile population" means the number of persons under the age of eighteen years in each county, as determined at least annually by the department of economic security.

4. "Matching funds" means state monies distributed by the supreme court to a participating county on a four-to-one ratio provided by the state and participating county respectively.