§ 13-4031 Right of appeal
§ 13-4032 Appeal by state
§ 13-4033 Appeal by defendant
§ 13-4034 Expense of record or transcript upon appeal by indigent as county charge
§ 13-4036 Power of supreme court on appeal from judgment of conviction
§ 13-4037 Power of supreme court to correct and reduce sentence upon appeal by defendant
§ 13-4038 Power of supreme court on appeal by state
§ 13-4039 Failure of appellant to prosecute appeal; effect
§ 13-4040 Divestiture of jurisdiction of supreme court after remission of minute entry and decision; exception
§ 13-4041 Fee of counsel assigned in criminal proceeding or insanity hearing on appeal or in postconviction relief proceedings; reimbursement
§ 13-4042 Appellate proceedings; request for extension; victim notification