The board shall fix the rental rates, fees and all other charges to be made for all facilities furnished, acquired, constructed or completed under this chapter for the use thereof by any persons utilizing such facilities. Subject to such contractual obligations as may be entered into by the board and the holders of the revenue bonds issued under this chapter, the board is authorized to change such rental rates, charges and fees from time to time as conditions warrant. All rental rates, fees and charges shall be at all times fixed to yield annual revenue equal to annual operating and maintenance expenses including insurance costs and all redemption payments and interest charges on the revenue bonds at any time issued and outstanding in connection with the project of which such facilities are a part as the same become due. The bond redemption and interest payments shall constitute a first, direct and exclusive charge and lien on all such rentals, fees and charges and other revenues and interest thereon and sinking funds created therefrom received from the use and operation of the project for the acquisition, construction or completion of which such revenue bonds were issued, and all such rentals, fees and charges and other revenues, together with the interest thereon shall constitute a trust fund for the security and payment of such bonds and shall not be used or pledged for any other purpose so long as such bonds, or any of them, are outstanding and unpaid. The board may provide that the rental rates, fees and charges established are minimum rental rates, fees and charges and subject to increase or decrease in accordance only with the terms of the indenture under which the revenue bonds were issued.

(Added by Stats. 1947, Ch. 815.)

Terms Used In California Government Code 26360

  • Bonds: as used in this chapter means the written evidence of any obligation incurred by the board payable out of revenues as provided in this chapter in order to secure funds with which to carry out the purposes of this chapter irrespective of the form of such obligation whether in the form of bonds, notes, debentures, interest bearing certificates or other forms prescribed by the board. See California Government Code 26399
  • Lien: A claim against real or personal property in satisfaction of a debt.
  • Revenue: as used in this chapter shall mean all fees, rates, charges, rentals or other income and revenue actually received or receivable by or for the account of the board from the operation of any particular project including without limiting the generality of the foregoing interest allowed on any moneys or securities and any proceeds derived from the sale of any securities and any consideration in any way derived from the particular project owned, operated or maintained by the board. See California Government Code 26400