(a) “Surplus deposits of subscribers,” as used in this chapter, means amounts, over and above any premium charges, which are contributed by subscribers and which are used for the purpose of funding the surplus of a reciprocal or interinsurance exchange. No subscriber shall have a secured or preferred claim against any of the assets of the reciprocal or interinsurance exchange arising out of surplus deposits. All assets, including the surplus deposits, shall be held by the reciprocal or interinsurance exchange and made available for payment of claims of policyholders and creditors of the reciprocal or interinsurance exchange in preference to any claim for withdrawal by a subscriber. A subscriber may, upon withdrawal from membership and cancellation of all such insurance contracts held by the subscriber with the insurer, withdraw the amount of the subscriber’s surplus deposits, less such surrender charges as may be deducted pursuant to the subscriber’s or insured’s agreement, but only if the subscriber has given written notice to the attorney-in-fact at least 60 days in advance of the withdrawal.

(b) Withdrawal of surplus deposits of subscribers shall not be permitted if, as a result of the withdrawal, the policyholder’s surplus of the exchange would be less than the capital and surplus required by Sections 700.01, 700.02, and 700. 025.

(c) Withdrawal of surplus deposits of subcribers shall not be permitted after an order of conservation or liquidation of, or the appointment of a conservator or liquidator for, any such reciprocal or interinsurance exchange.

(Added by Stats. 1984, Ch. 564, Sec. 3.)