§ 37 (a) Treason against this state consists only in levying war …
§ 38 Misprision of treason is the knowledge and concealment of treason, …

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  • Agreement: includes but is not limited to agreements providing for valuations, appraisals and similar proceedings and agreements between employers and employees or between their respective representatives. See California Government Code 38733
  • Concurrent resolution: A legislative measure, designated "S. Con. Res." and numbered consecutively upon introduction, generally employed to address the sentiments of both chambers, to deal with issues or matters affecting both houses, such as a concurrent budget resolution, or to create a temporary joint committee. Concurrent resolutions are not submitted to the President/Governor and thus do not have the force of law.
  • Controversy: means any question arising between parties to an agreement whether such question is one of law or of fact or both. See California Government Code 38733
  • Party to the arbitration: means a party to the arbitration agreement:

    California Government Code 38733