General Provisions
Division 1 Regulation of Public Utilities
Division 1.5 California Consumer Power and Conservation Financing Authority Act
Division 1.7 Golden State Energy Act
Division 2 Regulation of Related Businesses by the Public Utilities Commission
Division 2.5 The Digital Infrastructure and Video Competition Act of 2006
Division 3 Public Utility Franchises by Local Governments
Division 3.5 Utility Relocation Agreements
Division 4 Laws Relating to Utility Corporations and Their Employees
Division 4.1 Provisions Applicable to Privately Owned and Publicly Owned Public Utilities
Division 4.8 Publicly Owned Utilities
Division 4.9 Restructuring of Publicly Owned Electric Utilities in Connection With the Restructuring of the Electrical Services Industry
Division 5 Utilities Owned by Municipal Corporations
Division 6 Municipal Utility District Act
Division 7 Public Utility District Act
Division 9 Aviation
Division 10 Transit Districts
Division 11 Transit Development Boards
Division 11.5 North County Transit District
Division 12 County Transportation Commissions
Division 12.5 County Traffic and Transportation Funding in the Nine-County San Francisco Bay Area
Division 12.7 County and Regional Transportation Commissions
Division 12.8 Imperial County Transportation Commission
Division 13.1 Santa Clara County Traffic Authority
Division 14 Coachella Valley Intermodal Transportation Authority
Division 15 Fresno County Transportation Authority
Division 15.5 Tuolumne County Traffic Authority
Division 16 Peninsula Rail Transit District
Division 16.5 State Transportation Corridor Preservation
Division 17 San Diego County Regional Airport Authority
Division 19 Local Transportation Authorities
Division 19.1 Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority
Division 19.5 California High-Speed Rail Service
Division 19.7 High-Speed Rail Authority Office of the Inspector General
Division 25 Riverside County Transportation Commission