General Provisions
Division 1 State Highways
Division 2 County Highways
Division 2.5 City Streets
Division 2.7 Courtesy Signs
Division 3 Apportionment and Expenditure of Highway Funds
Division 4 The Special Assessment Investigation, Limitation and Majority Protest Act of 1931
Division 4.5 Notice of Special Assessment, Special Tax, and Foreclosure Proceedings
Division 7 The Improvement Act of 1911
Division 9 Change of Grade and Vacation
Division 10 The Improvement Bond Act of 1915
Division 11 Refunding of Bonds Issued Under the “Improvement Bond Act of 1915”
Division 11.5 Refunding Act of 1984 for 1915 Improvement Act Bonds
Division 12 The Municipal Improvement Act of 1913
Division 13 Pedestrian Malls
Division 14 Street Lighting
Division 15 Tree Planting, Landscaping, and Lighting
Division 16 Highway Districts
Division 17 Toll Facilities and Related Matters
Division 18 Parking