R. 14-26.0041 Definitions and Terms
R. 14-26.00411 Procedure for Issuance of Permits
R. 14-26.0042 Exemption from Permit Requirements
R. 14-26.00425 Criteria for Issuance of Permits
R. 14-26.00435 Everglades Agricultural Area Tandems
R. 14-26.007 Liability of Permittee
R. 14-26.008 Schedule of Fees
R. 14-26.009 Exemptions from Fee Requirement
R. 14-26.0091 Tire Requirements
R. 14-26.012 Movement Conditions and Restrictions
R. 14-26.01311 Permits to Move Sealed Containerized Loads
R. 14-26.014 Non-Compliance
R. 14-26.015 Penalties

Terms Used In Florida Regulations > Chapter 14-26 - Safety Regulations and Permit Fees for Overweight and Overdimensional Vehicles

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