(a) No person shall use the title “registered interior designer” or display or use any words, letters, figures, title, sign, seal, advertisement or other device to indicate that such person is a registered interior designer in this state, unless such person (1) has obtained a certificate of registration as provided in sections 20-377k to 20-377v, inclusive; or (2) is an architect licensed in this state.

Terms Used In Connecticut General Statutes 20-377l

  • interior designer: means a person qualified by education, experience and examination who (A) identifies, researches and creatively solves problems pertaining to the function and quality of the interior environment. See Connecticut General Statutes 20-377k

(b) Any person holding a certificate of registration under this chapter may utilize a seal. Such seal shall only include: (1) The name of such person, (2) the words “Registered Interior Designer, State of Connecticut”, and (3) such person’s registration number.