No license shall be issued under section 21a-246 until the applicant therefor has furnished proof satisfactory to the licensing authority (1) that the applicant is of good moral character or, if the applicant is an association or corporation, that the managing officers are of good moral character and (2) that the applicant is equipped as to facilities and apparatus properly to carry on the business described in his application and (3) that the applicant conforms to regulations adopted and promulgated pursuant to section 21a-243. No license shall be granted to any person who has, within five years of the date of application, been convicted of a violation of any law of the United States, or of any state, relating to a controlled drug.

Terms Used In Connecticut General Statutes 21a-247

  • Drug: means (A) substances recognized as drugs in the official United States Pharmacopoeia, official Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, or official National Formulary, or any supplement to any of them. See Connecticut General Statutes 21a-240
  • Person: includes any corporation, limited liability company, association or partnership, or one or more individuals, government or governmental subdivisions or agency, business trust, estate, trust, or any other legal entity. See Connecticut General Statutes 21a-240