§ 21a-240 Definitions
§ 21a-241 Prior regulations continued
§ 21a-242 Schedules of controlled substances. Exceptions
§ 21a-243 Regulations. Schedules of controlled substances
§ 21a-244 Regulations re storage and retrieval of prescription information
§ 21a-244a Drug records maintained on electronic data processing systems or media systems. Electronic identifiers. Regulations
§ 21a-245 Manufacture, sale, administering of restricted substances regulated
§ 21a-246 License to manufacture, wholesale, supply, compound, etc. Exception. License fees. License to possess and supply marijuana
§ 21a-247 Qualifications of applicant for license
§ 21a-248 Sale or dispensing of controlled drugs by licensed manufacturer or wholesaler. Records; orders. Scope of uses limited
§ 21a-249 Prescription requirements
§ 21a-250 Rights and duties of pharmacist
§ 21a-251 Dispensing of controlled substances by hospitals, infirmaries or clinics
§ 21a-252 Prescription and dispensing of controlled substances by certain practitioners. Surrender of unused substances by patients
§ 21a-253 Possession of marijuana pursuant to a prescription
§ 21a-254 Designation of restricted drugs or substances by regulations. Records required by chapter. Electronic prescription drug monitoring program
§ 21a-254a Appointment of prescription drug monitoring working group. Membership
§ 21a-255 Penalty for failure to make, furnish or keep records, statements or information. General penalty
§ 21a-256 Labeling of package or container of controlled substances
§ 21a-257 Person receiving narcotic drug to keep it in original container
§ 21a-258 Exceptions concerning possession and control
§ 21a-259 Common nuisances. Receivership of rental housing property development
§ 21a-260 Narcotics control section in Department of Consumer Protection
§ 21a-261 Inspection of records. Entry on premises. Warrants and arrests
§ 21a-262 Commissioner’s authority and duties re controlled substances. When seizing authority may destroy. Disposal by long-term care facilities and outpatient surgical facilities
§ 21a-263 Power of commissioner to receive and destroy drug paraphernalia. Records
§ 21a-264 Notice to licensing boards of violations by licensees
§ 21a-265 Inspection of prescriptions, orders, records and stocks restricted to government officers and third-party payors. Confidentiality
§ 21a-266 Prohibited acts
§ 21a-267 Penalty for use, possession or delivery of drug paraphernalia. Immunity
§ 21a-268 Misrepresentation of substance as controlled substance. Exemption
§ 21a-269 Burden of proof of exception, excuse, proviso or exemption
§ 21a-270 Drug paraphernalia: Factors to be considered by court or other authority in determination
§ 21a-271 Severability of provisions concerning drug paraphernalia
§ 21a-272 Preparations which may be sold and dispensed. Exceptions
§ 21a-273 Substances exempt under federal law
§ 21a-274 Cooperation in enforcement of law
§ 21a-274a Drug enforcement grant program. Safe neighborhoods grant program. Community mobilization antidrug grant program
§ 21a-275 Revocation or suspension of licenses by commissioner
§ 21a-276 Discretion of commissioner to issue warning
§ 21a-277 Penalty for illegal manufacture, distribution, sale, prescription, dispensing
§ 21a-278 Penalty for illegal manufacture, distribution, sale, prescription or administration by non-drug-dependent person
§ 21a-278a Penalty for illegal manufacture, distribution, sale, prescription or administration
§ 21a-279 Penalty for illegal possession. Alternative sentences. Immunity
§ 21a-279a Penalty for illegal possession of small amount of cannabis-type substance
§ 21a-279b Construction of public act 15-2 of the June special session* re violations of section 21a-279
§ 21a-280 Breathing of anesthesia not violation
§ 21a-281 Presumption of psychological dependence on volatile substances
§ 21a-282 No prosecution where federal action has been taken
§ 21a-283 Analytical tests for presence of controlled drugs or alcohol. Standards and procedures. Convictions constituting prior offense. Imposition of cost when analysis performed
§ 21a-283a Court authorized to depart from imposing mandatory minimum sentence
§ 21a-307 Definitions re dispensing of drugs