The Commissioner of Agriculture shall be the administrative head of the Department of Agriculture. The commissioner shall encourage and promote the development of agriculture within the state and collect and publish information and statistics in regard to the agricultural and animal industries and interests of the state and submit the same to the Governor in an annual report. The commissioner shall, annually, visit different sections of the state and investigate the methods and wants of practical husbandry, the adaptation of agricultural products to soil, climate and markets, and, as far as practicable, visit agricultural fairs within the state, encourage the establishment of farmers’ clubs, agricultural libraries and reading rooms and disseminate agricultural information by lectures or otherwise. In cooperation with The University of Connecticut, the commissioner may prepare and publish bulletins containing information concerning the cost of production of farm products. The commissioner is authorized to hold an annual state exhibit at the Eastern States Exposition at West Springfield, Massachusetts. The commissioner is authorized to enter into an agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture for cooperative work in the collection and publication of agricultural statistics. The commissioner shall have the authority to charge such fees as the commissioner may deem reasonable for publications of information by any of the component agencies of the Department of Agriculture. The commissioner shall review any proposed capital project that would convert twenty-five or more acres of prime farmland or one acre or more of shellfish grounds to a nonagricultural use and if such project promotes agriculture or the goal of agricultural land preservation or if there is no reasonable alternative site for the project the commissioner shall file a statement with the Bond Commission so indicating. The commissioner shall file a statement with the Bond Commission for any proposed capital project that would convert or impair any shellfish grounds and shall include in such statement any comments the commissioner deems appropriate for the protection of such grounds. The commissioner shall administer those provisions of sections 12-107a, 12-107b, 12-107c and 12-107e that address the assessment of farmland and open space. The commissioner may request the Attorney General to bring an action in the Superior Court for injunctive relief requiring compliance with any statute, regulation, order or permit administered, adopted or issued by the commissioner.

Terms Used In Connecticut General Statutes 22-6

  • farm: includes farm buildings, and accessory buildings thereto, nurseries, orchards, ranges, greenhouses, hoophouses and other temporary structures or other structures used primarily for the raising and, as an incident to ordinary farming operations, the sale of agricultural or horticultural commodities. See Connecticut General Statutes 1-1
  • Statute: A law passed by a legislature.