§ 2201 Establishment of Department
§ 2202 Executive Department; Secretary
§ 2203 Seal
§ 2204 General duties of Secretary; advisory functions; research and development
§ 2204a Rural development; utilization of non-Federal offices; location of field units; interchange of personnel and facilities
§ 2204b Rural development policy
§ 2204b-1 Rural development
§ 2204c Water management for rural areas
§ 2204d Encouragement of private contracting
§ 2204e Office of Risk Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis
§ 2204g Authority of Secretary of Agriculture to conduct census of agriculture
§ 2204h Local food production and program evaluation
§ 2205 Duties of former Commissioner of Agriculture transferred to Secretary
§ 2206 Custody of property and records
§ 2206a Conveyance of excess Federal personal property
§ 2206b Availability of excess and surplus computers in rural areas
§ 2207 Reports
§ 2207a Reports to Congress on obligation and expenditure
§ 2207b Program metrics
§ 2208 Expenditure of appropriations; accounting
§ 2208a Loan levels provided to Department of Agriculture
§ 2209 Additional statement of expenditures
§ 2209a Advances to chiefs of field parties
§ 2209b Availability of appropriations
§ 2209c Use of funds for one-year contracts to be performed in two fiscal years
§ 2209d Statement of percentage and dollar amount of Federal funding
§ 2209e Prohibition on payments to parties involved with prohibited drug-producing plants
§ 2209f Restriction on commodity purchase program payments
§ 2209g Availability of funds for uniforms or allowances
§ 2209h Reimbursement of Office of the General Counsel
§ 2209i Funding for preparation of final agency decisions regarding discrimination complaints
§ 2209j Permanent debarment from participation in Department of Agriculture programs for fraud
§ 2210 Deputy Secretary of Agriculture; appointment
§ 2211 Powers and duties of Deputy Secretary of Agriculture
§ 2214 General Counsel; appointment
§ 2215 Chief clerk
§ 2217 Oaths, affirmations, and affidavits taken by officers, agents, or employees of Department; use and effect
§ 2218 Fee for administering or taking oaths, affirmations, and affidavits
§ 2219 Salaries; how paid
§ 2219a Overtime and holiday pay
§ 2220 Certain officials and employees of Department and others not subject to restriction on payment of compensation to Government officials and employees
§ 2221 Details of persons from or to office of Secretary
§ 2222 Details of law clerks
§ 2223 Details of employees from and to library and bureaus and offices
§ 2224 Details of employees from and to Division of Accounts and Disbursements and bureaus and offices; traveling expenses
§ 2224a Utilization of employees of agencies for part-time and intermittent assistance to other agencies; exclusion of overtime resulting from natural disasters from staff year ceilings
§ 2225 Employment of temporary personnel
§ 2225a Contracts for consulting services
§ 2225b Personal service contracts for veterinarians
§ 2225c Employment contracts for services abroad
§ 2225d Availability of Department of Agriculture funds for temporary employment
§ 2226 Employment of persons for forest fire fighting, pest control, and handling of animals
§ 2227 Traveling expenses
§ 2228 Emergency subsistence for employees
§ 2229 Travel and per diem expenses of temporary or seasonal employees
§ 2230 Employees in Alaska; subsistence, equipment, and supplies
§ 2231 Official expenses of employees stationed abroad
§ 2231a Reimbursement of employees for costs of State licenses and certification fees
§ 2231b First amendment rights of employees of the United States Department of Agriculture
§ 2232 Stenographic reporting service
§ 2233 Funds available for expenses of advisory committees
§ 2234 Purchases for bureaus from appropriations for contingent expenses
§ 2235 Working capital fund established; use of central services by bureaus, etc., of the Department
§ 2235a Deposit and retention of credit card refunds or rebates
§ 2236 Working capital fund for Agricultural Research Center; establishment
§ 2237 Use of field work funds for employment of men with equipment, etc.
§ 2238 Use of field work funds for purchase of arms and ammunition
§ 2239 Funds for printing, binding, and scientific and technical article reprint purchases
§ 2240 Reimbursement of appropriation for salaries and compensation of employees in mechanical shops
§ 2241 Sale or exchange of animals or animal products
§ 2241a Exchange or sale authority
§ 2242a User fees for reports, publications, and software
§ 2242b Translation of publications into foreign languages
§ 2243 Sale of photographic prints and maps
§ 2245 Sale of prints and lantern slides
§ 2246 Loan, rental, or sale of films
§ 2247 Sale of samples of pure sugars
§ 2248 Statistics relating to turpentine and rosin
§ 2249 Amount and character of cooperation
§ 2250 Construction and repair of buildings and public improvements
§ 2250a Erection of buildings and other structures on non-Federal lands; duration of use of such lands; removal of structures after termination of use; availability of funds for expenses of acquiring long-term leases or other agreements
§ 2250b Nonrecurring expenses fund
§ 2251 Reimbursement of Production and Marketing Administration appropriations for expenses of maintaining registers of indebtedness and making set-offs
§ 2252 Reimbursement of Production and Marketing Administration appropriations for costs of procuring agricultural commodities for nongovernmental agencies or foreign governments
§ 2253 Adjustment by Secretary of titles to lands acquired by Government and subject to his control
§ 2254 Operation, maintenance and purchase of aircraft by Agricultural Research Service; construction and repair of buildings
§ 2254a Availability of funds appropriated for Agricultural Research Service for research related to tobacco or tobacco products
§ 2254b Availability of funds appropriated for Agricultural Research Service for research related to tobacco or tobacco products; exception
§ 2255 Membership in International Wheat Advisory Committee, International Sugar Council, etc.
§ 2255a Financial assistance to national and international conferences
§ 2255b Department of Agriculture conference transparency
§ 2256 Inspections, analyses, and tests for other Government departments and agencies; reimbursement
§ 2257 Interchangeability of funds for miscellaneous expenses and general expenses
§ 2258 Purchase of newspapers
§ 2259 Market-inspection certificates as prima facie evidence
§ 2261 Credit of donations and proceeds from exhibitions to appropriations concerned with foreign market development programs
§ 2262 Employee liability insurance on motor vehicles in foreign countries
§ 2262a Overseas tort claims
§ 2263 Transfer of funds
§ 2264 National Agricultural Library; acceptance of gifts, bequests, or devises; conditional gifts
§ 2265 Deposit of money accepted for benefit of National Agricultural Library; disbursement
§ 2266 Congressional reaffirmation of policy to foster and encourage family farms
§ 2268 Public lands; relinquishment
§ 2269 Gifts of property; acceptance and administration by Secretary of Agriculture; Federal tax law consideration; separate fund in Treasury; regulations
§ 2270 Authority of Office of Inspector General
§ 2270a Office of Inspector General; transfer of forfeiture funds for law enforcement activities
§ 2270b Department of Agriculture Inspector General investigation of Forest Service firefighter deaths
§ 2270c Submission of results
§ 2271 Marketing education programs for small and medium size family farm operations
§ 2271a Advanced marketing training for farmers and ranchers
§ 2272 Volunteers for Department of Agriculture programs
§ 2272a Funds for incidental expenses and promotional items relating to volunteers
§ 2273 Local search and rescue operations
§ 2274 Firearm authority of employees engaged in animal quarantine enforcement
§ 2274a Firearm authority of employees conducting field work in remote locations
§ 2276 Confidentiality of information
§ 2277 Contracts by Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service for services to be performed abroad
§ 2278 Consistency with international obligations of United States
§ 2279 Outreach and assistance for socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers and veteran farmers and ranchers
§ 2279-1 Transparency and accountability for socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers
§ 2279-2 Report of civil rights complaints, resolutions, and actions
§ 2279a Fair and equitable treatment of socially disadvantaged producers
§ 2279b Department of Agriculture educational, training, and professional development activities
§ 2279c Student internship programs
§ 2279d Compensatory damages in claims under Rehabilitation Act of 1973
§ 2279e Civil penalty
§ 2279f Subpoena authority
§ 2279g Marketing services; cooperative agreements
§ 2279h Cross-servicing activities of National Finance Center