Chapter 1 Definitions
Chapter 2 Establishment of the Department
Chapter 3 Director
Chapter 4 Division of Soil Conservation
Chapter 5 Promotion of Livestock Industry
Chapter 6 Promotion of International Markets and Agricultural Trade
Chapter 7 Promotion of Diversified Farming
Chapter 8 Inspection of Grain Moisture Testing Equipment
Chapter 9 Center for Value Added Research
Chapter 12 Indiana Grown Initiative
Chapter 14 Farm Commodities and Market News Service

Terms Used In Indiana Code > Title 15 > Article 11

  • aquaculture: means a form of agriculture that is the controlled cultivation and harvest of aquatic plants and animals. See Indiana Code 15-11-7-1
  • commission: refers to the Indiana grown commission established by section 3 of this chapter. See Indiana Code 15-11-12-1
  • Confidential: means information which has been so designated by statute or by promulgated rule or regulation based on statutory authority. See Indiana Code 4-1-6-1
  • Data subject: means an individual about whom personal information is indexed or may be located under the individual's name, personal number, or other identifiable particulars, in a personal information system. See Indiana Code 4-1-6-1
  • diversified farming: means new, emerging, and small scale agricultural markets, including alternative and niche agricultural markets. See Indiana Code 15-11-7-1.3
  • fund: refers to the livestock industry promotion and development fund established by section 4(a) of this chapter. See Indiana Code 15-11-5-2
  • livestock: includes the following:

    Indiana Code 15-11-5-1

  • Personal information: means any information that describes, locates, or indexes anything about an individual or that affords a basis for inferring personal characteristics about an individual including, but not limited to, the individual's education, financial transactions, medical history, criminal or employment records, finger and voice prints, photographs, or the individual's presence, registration, or membership in an organization or activity or admission to an institution. See Indiana Code 4-1-6-1
  • Personal information system: means any recordkeeping process, whether automated or manual, containing personal information and the name, personal number, or other identifying particulars of a data subject. See Indiana Code 4-1-6-1
  • program: refers to the Indiana grown initiative program established by section 8 of this chapter. See Indiana Code 15-11-12-2
  • specialty crop: means any fruit, vegetable, tree nut, dried fruit, and nursery crop, including floriculture. See Indiana Code 15-11-7-1.6
  • state agency: includes an agency, a board, a commission, a department, a bureau, or another entity under the superintendent of public instruction. See Indiana Code 4-1-6-1