(a) Any employee who has sustained an injury in the course of his employment shall immediately report the injury to his employer, or some person representing his employer. If the employee fails to report the injury immediately, the administrative law judge may reduce the award of compensation proportionately to any prejudice that he finds the employer has sustained by reason of the failure, provided the burden of proof with respect to such prejudice shall rest upon the employer.

Terms Used In Connecticut General Statutes 31-294b

  • Administrative law judge: means the administrative law judge who has jurisdiction in the matter referred to in the context. See Connecticut General Statutes 31-275
  • Commission: means the Workers' Compensation Commission. See Connecticut General Statutes 31-275
  • Compensation: means benefits or payments mandated by the provisions of this chapter, including, but not limited to, indemnity, medical and surgical aid or hospital and nursing service required under §. See Connecticut General Statutes 31-275
  • Employee: means any person who:

    (i) Has entered into or works under any contract of service or apprenticeship with an employer, whether the contract contemplated the performance of duties within or without the state. See Connecticut General Statutes 31-275

  • Employer: means any person, corporation, limited liability company, firm, partnership, voluntary association, joint stock association, the state and any public corporation within the state using the services of one or more employees for pay, or the legal representative of any such employer, but all contracts of employment between an employer employing persons excluded from the definition of employee and any such employee shall be conclusively presumed to include the following mutual agreements between employer and employee: (A) That the employer may accept and become bound by the provisions of this chapter by immediately complying with §. See Connecticut General Statutes 31-275
  • injury: includes , in addition to accidental injury that may be definitely located as to the time when and the place where the accident occurred, an injury to an employee that is causally connected with the employee's employment and is the direct result of repetitive trauma or repetitive acts incident to such employment, and occupational disease. See Connecticut General Statutes 31-275

(b) Once the first report of injury has been submitted to the Workers’ Compensation Commission, pursuant to § 31-294c, by the employer, the employer’s insurance carrier or the employer’s representative, the Workers’ Compensation Commission shall provide to the injured employee, not later than five business days after receipt of such notice, a copy of Form 30C, Notice of Claim for Compensation, or any successor form prepared by the Workers’ Compensation Commission to help injured employees comply with the notice requirements of § 31-294c. The Workers’ Compensation Commission shall provide such form to the injured employee in person or by mail sent to such employee’s current address on file with the employer.