Chapter 69L-3 Workers’ Compensation Claims
Chapter 69L-4 Assessments
Chapter 69L-5 Rules for Self-Insurers Under the Workers’ Compensation Act
Chapter 69L-6 Workers’ Compensation Compliance
Chapter 69L-7 Workers’ Compensation Medical Reimbursement and Utilization Review
Chapter 69L-8 Selected Materials Incorporated by Reference
Chapter 69L-10 Claim for Reimbursement Against the Special Disability Trust Fund
Chapter 69L-22 Reemployment Services – Workers’ Compensation
Chapter 69L-24 Insurers’ Standards and Practices
Chapter 69L-26 Employee Assistance and Ombudsman Office
Chapter 69L-30 Expert Medical Advisors
Chapter 69L-31 Utilization and Reimbursement Dispute Rule
Chapter 69L-34 Carrier Report of Health Care Provider Violations
Chapter 69L-56 Electronic Data Interchange (Edi) Requirements for Proof of Coverage and Claims (Non-Medical)