§ 22a-629 Definitions
§ 22a-630 Registration. Fees. Regulations
§ 22a-631 State-wide electronics recycling program. Allocation of cost. Municipal participation. Covered electronic recyclers. Orphan devices. Penalty for nonpayment. Reimbursement. Private programs
§ 22a-632 Compliance with laws, regulations and ordinances required. Performance requirements
§ 22a-633 Brand and labeling required for sale
§ 22a-634 List of compliant manufacturers. Consultation before sale. Exception
§ 22a-635 Information provided to consumers by retailers. Prohibition against charging consumers
§ 22a-636 Prohibition against knowingly placing a covered electronic device in a solid waste facility
§ 22a-637 Cease and desist orders. Suspension or revocation of registration. Injunctions. Civil proceedings
§ 22a-638 Regulations
§ 22a-639 Preparation of electronics recycling plan. Annual status report
§ 22a-640 Participation in regional organization or compact authorized

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