§ 38a-1040 Definitions
§ 38a-1041 Office of the Healthcare Advocate established. Duties
§ 38a-1042 Appointment
§ 38a-1043 Access to information
§ 38a-1044 State agency information and assistance
§ 38a-1045 Confidentiality of consumer identity
§ 38a-1046 Employers required to post advocate services
§ 38a-1047 Conflicts of interest
§ 38a-1048 Acceptance of gifts and grants. Separate account established
§ 38a-1049 Advisory committee established. Annual evaluation
§ 38a-1050 Report required by advocate. Contents
§ 38a-1051 Commission on Health Equity. Membership. Duties. Report to Governor and General Assembly