§ 38a-1080 Definitions
§ 38a-1081 Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange. Board of directors. Chief executive officer. Employees
§ 38a-1082 Written procedures. Audits
§ 38a-1083 Powers of exchange. Commissioner’s authority to enforce payment of assessments or user fees
§ 38a-1084 Duties of exchange
§ 38a-1084a Consumer health information Internet web site. Reports to be provided to exchange. Hospital disclosures to patients. Commissioner of Social Services to submit Medicaid data to exchange
§ 38a-1085 Qualified health plans
§ 38a-1086 Certification of health benefit plans
§ 38a-1087 Navigator grant program
§ 38a-1088 State pledge to contractors. Exemption from taxes
§ 38a-1089 Annual report from chief executive officer
§ 38a-1090 Applicability of Freedom of Information Act to exchange. Authority of commissioner
§ 38a-1091 All-payer claims database program. All-Payer Claims Database Advisory Group. State-wide multipayer data initiative
§ 38a-1092 Quarterly report from board of directors
§ 38a-1093 Subsidiaries