§ 45a-706 Rule of construction
§ 45a-707 Definitions
§ 45a-708 Guardian ad litem for minor or incompetent parent
§ 45a-709 Validity of proceedings prior to statutory changes
§ 45a-715 Petition to terminate parental rights. Cooperative postadoption agreements
§ 45a-716 Hearing on petition to terminate parental rights. Notice. Attorney General as party
§ 45a-717 Termination of parental rights. Conduct of hearing. Investigation and report. Grounds for termination
§ 45a-718 Appointment and duties of statutory parent. Removal or resignation
§ 45a-719 Reopening judgment terminating parental rights. Best interest of child. Final decree of adoption
§ 45a-724 Who may give child in adoption
§ 45a-724a Placement for adoption with child-placing agency by Commissioner of Children and Families
§ 45a-725 When child free for adoption
§ 45a-726 Placement of adoptive children by Commissioner of Children and Families or child-placing agency
§ 45a-726a Consideration of sexual orientation of prospective adoptive or foster parent
§ 45a-726b Recruitment of minority families not to delay placement of adoptive child
§ 45a-726c Term “adoptive parent” substituted for “adopting parent”
§ 45a-727 Application and agreement for adoption. Investigation, report. Adoptive parents entitled to receive copy of records and other information re history of child. Assessment of fees. Hearing and decree
§ 45a-727a Legislative findings re best interests of child
§ 45a-727b Endorsement of rights and responsibilities of unmarried persons to child subject to adoption, but not marriage or union of such persons
§ 45a-728 Regulations re adoption placement of children identified or located by prospective parents
§ 45a-728a Participation in birth and visitation of newborn identified for adoption by prospective adoptive parents
§ 45a-728b Discharge of newborn identified for adoption from hospital. Prospective adoptive parents permitted to attend hospital programs re infant care
§ 45a-728c Payment of expenses of birth mother by prospective adoptive parents
§ 45a-728d Advertising by birth parent and prospective adoptive parent for purpose of identified adoption
§ 45a-729 Penalty for violation of provisions re adoption placement
§ 45a-730 Validation of foreign adoption. Petition filed in Probate Court
§ 45a-731 Effects of final decree of adoption. Surviving rights
§ 45a-731a Issuance of final adoption decree notwithstanding death of child
§ 45a-732 Husband and wife to join in adoption
§ 45a-733 Procedure on application for adoption by stepparent or person who shares parental responsibility with the parent of a child
§ 45a-734 Adoption of adults. Inheritance
§ 45a-735 Husband or wife of adopted adult to consent
§ 45a-736 Change of name of adopted person
§ 45a-737 Obliteration of original name on institutional records, new name substituted
§ 45a-743 Definitions
§ 45a-744 Legislative policy
§ 45a-745 Adoption record
§ 45a-746 Information available to adoptive parents and adult adopted or adoptable person
§ 45a-747 Information regarding adoption completed before October 1, 1977
§ 45a-748 Agency or department to make effort to obtain information
§ 45a-749 Request for information
§ 45a-750 Identifying information
§ 45a-751 Release of identifying information by child-placing agency or department
§ 45a-751a Conditions re release of information. Counseling
§ 45a-751b Disclosure of identifying information. Consent required. Exception
§ 45a-751c Order directing issuance of uncertified copy of original birth certificate
§ 45a-752 Appeal to Probate Court. Advisory panel. Report. Hearing. Decision
§ 45a-753 Obtaining consent of person whose identity is requested. Petition to court
§ 45a-754 Records related to termination of parental rights, removal of parent as guardian, appointment of statutory parent, adoption matters, temporary guardianship and emancipation of minors. Confidentiality. Exceptions
§ 45a-755 Registries. Filing of registration
§ 45a-756 Agreement to release identifying information. Notification. Fee
§ 45a-757 Records maintained on a permanent basis
§ 45a-763 Adoption Review Board established
§ 45a-764 Powers of Adoption Review Board. Notice and hearing
§ 45a-765 Records to be confidential

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  • Guardian: A person legally empowered and charged with the duty of taking care of and managing the property of another person who because of age, intellect, or health, is incapable of managing his (her) own affairs.
  • Inter vivos: Transfer of property from one living person to another living person.
  • Jurisdiction: (1) The legal authority of a court to hear and decide a case. Concurrent jurisdiction exists when two courts have simultaneous responsibility for the same case. (2) The geographic area over which the court has authority to decide cases.
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