§ 51-51v Appointment of chief clerks and assistants. Clerk for Centralized Infractions Bureau. Clerks for housing matters
§ 51-51w Collection of fees by clerks. Expenses
§ 51-52 General duties of clerks
§ 51-52a Powers of clerks and clerical assistants
§ 51-52b Certification re authority of justice of the peace or commissioner of the Superior Court in the judicial district of Fairfield or Stamford-Norwalk
§ 51-53 Clerks to give notice of decrees of court by mail or electronic delivery
§ 51-54 Completing records
§ 51-55 Judgments of default or nonsuit
§ 51-56 Accounting for receipts by clerks of Supreme, Superior and Common Pleas Court. Removal from office. Accounting on death or removal
§ 51-56a Accounting for receipts by court clerks. Remission of certain amounts to municipalities. Additional fees to fund police training. Surcharge for violations
§ 51-57 Superior Court clerks. Oath. Full-time duties. Criminal defense prohibited
§ 51-58 Court seals. Filing of official seals with Secretary of the State
§ 51-59 Clerks’ offices, when open