Article 1 General Provisions 42a-1-101 to 42a-1-310
Article 2 Sales 42a-2-101 to 42a-2-725
Article 2A Leases 42a-2A-101 to 42a-2A-737
Article 3 Negotiable Instruments 42a-3-101 to 42a-3-805
Article 4 Bank Deposits and Collections 42a-4-101 to 42a-4-504
Article 4A Funds Transfers 42a-4A-101 to 42a-4A-507
Article 5 Letters of Credit 42a-5-101 to 42a-5-119
Article 6 Bulk Transfers 42a-6-101 to 42a-6-110b
Article 7 Documents of Title 42a-7-101 to 42a-7-704
Article 8 Investment Securities 42a-8-101 to 42a-8-601
Article 9 Secured Transactions 42a-9-101 to 42a-9-809
Article 10 Effective Date. Transition 42a-10-101 to 42a-10-109