§ 39A-101 Definitions
§ 39A-102 International application of Act
§ 39A-103 Communication between courts
§ 39A-104 Cooperation between courts
§ 39A-105 Taking testimony in another state
§ 39A-201 Jurisdiction
§ 39A-202 Special jurisdiction
§ 39A-203 Exclusive and continuing jurisdiction
§ 39A-204 Appropriate forum
§ 39A-205 Jurisdiction declined by reason of conduct
§ 39A-206 Notice of proceeding
§ 39A-207 Proceedings in more than 1 state
§ 39A-301 Transfer of guardianship or conservatorship to another state
§ 39A-302 Accepting guardianship or conservatorship transferred from another state
§ 39A-401 Foreign guardians
§ 39A-402 Effective date