(a) The Board shall issue a license to each applicant, who meets the requirements of this chapter for licensure as a podiatrist and who pays the fee established under § 511 of this title.

Terms Used In Delaware Code Title 24 Sec. 512

(b) Each license shall be renewed biennially, in such manner as is determined by the Division, and upon payment of the appropriate fee and submission of a renewal form provided by the Division, and proof that the licensee has met the continuing education requirements established by the Board.

(c) The Board, in its rules and regulations, shall determine the period of time within which a licensed podiatrist may still renew the licensed podiatrist’s license, notwithstanding the fact that such licensee has failed to renew on or before the renewal date, provided however that such period shall not exceed 1 year.

(d) A licensee, upon written request, may be placed in an inactive status for no more than 5 years. Such person who desires to reactivate the licensee’s license shall complete a Board-approved application form, submit a renewal fee set by the Division, and submit proof of fulfillment of continuing education requirements in accordance with the Board’s rules and regulations.

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