§ 701 Short title 3
§ 702 Purpose; construction 3
§ 703 Definitions 3
§ 704 Agricultural Commodity Advisory Boards — Creation; membership; election; term; organization 3
§ 705 Same — Meetings; quorum 3
§ 706 Same — Formulate and submit development order 3
§ 707 Same — Additional powers and duties 3
§ 708 Powers and duties of Secretary 3
§ 709 Fees to defray expenses 3
§ 710 Compensation of Board 3
§ 711 Legal counsel 3
§ 712 Records of Advisory Board 3
§ 713 Refund of fees 3
§ 714 Termination of order 3
§ 715 Expenditure of funds upon termination of order 3
§ 716 Association not illegal 3
§ 717 Penalty 3

Terms Used In Delaware Code > Title 3 > Chapter 7

  • Advice and consent: Under the Constitution, presidential nominations for executive and judicial posts take effect only when confirmed by the Senate, and international treaties become effective only when the Senate approves them by a two-thirds vote.
  • Freedom of Information Act: A federal law that mandates that all the records created and kept by federal agencies in the executive branch of government must be open for public inspection and copying. The only exceptions are those records that fall into one of nine exempted categories listed in the statute. Source: OCC
  • freshwater: as used in this chapter or any regulation promulgated by the Department or permit issued by the Division or Director shall mean those waters in the State where the lunar tide does not regularly ebb and flow. See Delaware Code Title 7 Sec. 1102
  • freshwater fish: as used in this chapter shall mean any species of finfish that may be found in fresh or nontidal waters of this State. See Delaware Code Title 7 Sec. 1102
  • Misdemeanor: Usually a petty offense, a less serious crime than a felony, punishable by less than a year of confinement.
  • Prosecute: To charge someone with a crime. A prosecutor tries a criminal case on behalf of the government.
  • Quorum: The number of legislators that must be present to do business.
  • Remainder: An interest in property that takes effect in the future at a specified time or after the occurrence of some event, such as the death of a life tenant.