(1) The Department shall consider the following criteria when evaluating permit requests and prescribing conditions limiting the use of said permit:

Terms Used In Florida Regulations 14-26.00425

  • Statute: A law passed by a legislature.
    (a) Whether the load can be reasonably dismantled or disassembled;
    (b) Protection of the motoring public from traffic hazards created by the movement of overweight and overdimensional vehicles or loads on state owned highways and structures;
    (c) Prevention of undue delays in the normal flow of traffic;
    (d) Prevention of damage to the highway pavement, facilities, and structures;
    (e) Assistance needed for transportation problems involving excess size or weight;
    (f) Whether vehicle(s) meet the Department’s established axle load and axle spacing requirements based upon structural analysis of the bridge structures to be crossed;
    (g) Temporary conditions such as construction;
    (h) The applicant’s survey letter indicating available vertical clearance on the proposed route for all loads/vehicles over 18 feet high;
    (i) The applicant’s survey letter indicating available horizontal clearance on the proposed route for all loads/vehicles over 22 feet wide;
    (j) The applicant’s previous permit compliance history;
    (k) Other items which affect traffic flow or safety;
    (l) All details relevant to the proposed move as presented by the applicant and as requested by the Department.
    (2) Override Authority.
    (a) Pursuant to Florida Statutes § 316.550, the Department may issue permits for vehicles or loads not specifically authorized by statute or rule, thereby exceeding the limitations of sections 316.515 and 316.535, F.S., and Rule Chapter 14-26, F.A.C.
    (b) To obtain a permit for vehicles, loads, or travel not authorized in this rule chapter, an applicant must include, with the permit application, a letter of essentiality from a government entity or the ultimate recipient of an essential service. The letter of essentiality must include a justification for granting override authority. A letter from the hauler, distributor, or manufacturer will not be accepted. The letter must verify that the load has been reduced to the smallest size possible, cannot reasonably be shipped by any other means of transportation, and state why the move is essential in the interest of public safety, national defense or other extenuating circumstances.
    (c) The applications, supporting documentation, authorizations, and permits will be documented and maintained by the Department.
    (d) Emergencies. Upon a Governor’s Declaration of Emergency, in order to allow response to the emergency, and after safety considerations, the Department may temporarily relieve vehicles of certain permit restrictions by issuing an emergency permit letter.
Rulemaking Authority 316.550, 334.044(2) FS. Law Implemented 316.515, 316.550, 316.565, 334.044(27) FS. History—New 9-15-87, Amended 6-23-96, 11-10-98, Formerly 14-26.0051, Amended 2-1-10, 2-5-13, 8-23-16.