(1) Suspension or revocation of permits.
    (a) The Department will suspend or revoke a multi-trip or trip permit for a specified period of time for the following:
    1. The permittee fails to comply with the regulations of this rule chapter or the requirements of Florida Statutes.
    2. The permittee has submitted a false, deceptive, or fraudulent permit application.
    3. The permittee fails to comply with the terms of the permit.
    4. The permittee travels on other than approved routes.
    5. The permittee fails to submit a list of specified routes over which the load can or cannot travel, when required.
    6. The permittee fails to pay fees/penalties owed to the Department of Transporation, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or their agent(s).
    7. The company has been placed out-of-service based upon a compliance review performed by Florida Highway Patrol or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
    8. The Department determines that continued operation under an existing valid permit poses a safety issue for state owned bridges or roadways.
    (2) Denial of future permits.
In addition to suspension or revocation of a multi-trip or trip permit as set forth in subsection (1) of this rule, the Department will deny issuance of future permits as follows:
    (a) First