(1) Development of a TODS program is limited to rural areas as provided in Florida Statutes § 479.262
    (2) To qualify as a TODS destination, the tourist-oriented businesses, services, or activities shall meet the following minimum conditions:
    (a) The major portion (51%) of income or visitors during the normal business season shall be from tourists not residing within 20 miles of the destination. A business shall not qualify if admission or access is based on a membership fee or other means of exclusive admission, or where minors are excluded.
    (b) All state and local building and occupational permits, licensing, and registrations shall be current and in good standing.
Rulemaking Authority 479.262 FS. Law Implemented Florida Statutes § 479.262. History—New 6-24-08, Amended 11-24-11, 1-12-16.