(1) TODS may be installed on the state highway system only after permitted by the Department.

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    (a) TODS shall not be permitted by the Department if they interfere with the effectiveness of other traffic control devices.
    (b) TODS shall only be permitted at the nearest intersection providing the most direct practical route to the eligible facility. An additional sign may be approved at the closest state road intersection with a roadway on the Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) when the nearest state road intersection is not on an SIS facility.
    (c) Each destination is limited to one sign panel in each direction of travel on the state highway system.
    (d) The maximum distance from the business to where a TODS may be placed on the state highway system shall be 25 miles.
    (e) If a facility with state road frontage is more than 10 miles from the nearest state highway system intersection suitable for TODS installation, the jurisdiction with TODS authority may apply for a permit to sign for this facility with a “ONE MILE” advanced TODS sign. This is the only instance an advanced sign may be permitted on the state highway system.
    (2) TODS shall be limited to placement on rural conventional roads, as stated in the MUTCD. TODS shall not be placed within the right of way of limited access facilities. TODS shall not be located in the right of way of a limited access facility interchange regardless of jurisdiction or local road classification.
    (3) The location of other official traffic control devices shall take precedence over the location of TODS. TODS shall have standard spacing with other traffic control devices shown in Table 1.
    (4) The Department will remove without notice, and with no obligation to relocate the sign or compensate for its removal, any TODS on the state highway system for highway safety or operational purposes or activities including construction, reconstruction or maintenance.
Rulemaking Authority 479.262 FS. Law Implemented Florida Statutes § 479.262. History—New 6-24-08, Amended 11-24-11.