(1) An agency may hold an emergency meeting notwithstanding the provisions of Rules 28-102.001 and 28-102.002, F.A.C., for the purpose of acting upon emergency matters posing an immediate danger to the public health, safety or welfare.
    (2) Whenever an emergency meeting must be held, the agency shall give notice of the meeting on its website, if it has one, and by any procedure that is fair under the circumstances, such as notifying at least one major newspaper of general circulation in the area where the meeting will take place, and the agency may also notify all major wire services of the time, date, place, and purpose of the meeting.
    (3) Following an emergency meeting, the agency shall publish in the appropriate publication prescribed by Florida Statutes § 120.54(3), and on its website, if it has one, notice of the time, date and place of the meeting, a statement setting forth the reasons why an emergency meeting was necessary and a statement setting forth the action taken at the meeting. This notice is in addition to the notice requirements of Section 120.525(3)(c), F.S.
Rulemaking Authority 14.202, 120.54(5) FS. Law Implemented 120.525, 120.54(5)(b)1. FS. History-New 4-1-97, Amended 1-15-07, 2-5-13.