Effective date: 12/10/1992

    (1) Application.
    (a) The sales organization shall make application to the department for license for public vendue of thoroughbred horses at least 2 months prior to the date on which the sale is to be conducted. Such application shall specify the name and address of applicant and date, location and class of the sale.
    (b) The sales organization shall furnish on request an estimate of the minimum value of animals to be entered in the sale.
    (2) Financial Responsibility. Based on the class of sale to be held, the sales organization shall furnish a surety bond in an amount as follows: For Class A sale, $100,000; for Class B sale, $50,000; and for Class C sale, $10,000.
    (3) Fees. The department shall assess and collect a fee of $300 from the sales organization prior to issuance of a license for public vendue.
    (4) License. Each sale requires a separate license. The license shall contain the name and address of the licensee, and the date, location and class of the sale.
Rulemaking authorized by Florida Statutes § 535.02. Implements Florida Statutes § 535.01, 535.02, 535.05., as amended by Section 6, Chapter 92-151, Laws of Florida. History— New 10-23-85, Formerly 5H-15.03, Amended 12-10-92.