(1) No person shall use the Identifiers adopted herein without meeting the requirements established in Fl. Admin. Code R. 5H-17.005
    (2) Identifiers shall not be used on product packaging, promotional advertisements, websites, banners or business signage, that are profane, vulgar, racist, hateful or that meet the definition of obscene as set forth in Florida Statutes § 847.001(10)
    (3) The Identifiers are eligible for use as gum labels attached to the product or product containers, printed on containers, incorporated in private product packaging, stamped directly on the products, printed on ribbons or bands attached, printed on shipping containers, displayed on business vehicles, websites, banners and signage at business locations or used on menus and in print/digital media or promotional materials and advertising.
    (4) Reproduction of the Identifiers shall be made only from the artwork supplied by the department.
    (5) Any Florida agricultural product which meets the criteria established in Fl. Admin. Code R. 5H-17.003, is eligible for inclusion within the Campaign.
    (6) All monies received by the department from the sale of media/promotional advertising materials that incorporate the Identifiers shall be deposited into the Florida Agricultural Promotional Campaign Trust Fund.
Rulemaking Authority 570.07(23), 571.24 FS. Law Implemented 571.24, 571.26 FS. History—New 6-22-92, Amended 2-8-17.