Effective date: 7/2/2008

    As used in this rule chapter, the following definitions shall apply:

Terms Used In Florida Regulations 5H-26.002

  • Fiduciary: A trustee, executor, or administrator.
    (1) “Dual Agent” means a person who knowingly agrees with the Owner and the Purchaser of a horse, either individually or jointly, to act in a fiduciary capacity on behalf of both the Owner and the Purchaser in exchange for the promise of compensation. Auction companies or persons licensed to conduct public sales of thoroughbred horses under Chapter 535, F.S., shall not be deemed to be dual agents under this rule chapter.
    (2) “Horse” means an equine as defined in Florida Statutes § 773.01(2)
    (3) “Trainer” means a person who trains horses for contests, shows, or performances.
Rulemaking authorized by Florida Statutes § 535.16. Implements Florida Statutes § 535.16, 570.07(36). History—New 7-2-08.