Effective date: 7/2/2008

    Except as provided in subsection 5H-26.003(8), F.A.C., the sale or purchase of a horse or any interest therein in Florida must be accompanied by a written bill of sale that must include at a minimum the following:
    (1) The name, address, and signature of the Purchaser, the Owner, or their duly authorized agents. In a transaction solely relating to a stallion season, breeding right, or fractional interest in a horse, the syndicate manager or horse manager may serve as an acceptable agent in response to this requirement.
    (2) The name of the horse, and its sire and dam if known.
    (3) The breed and registry status of the horse, if applicable and if known.
    (4) The age of the horse, if known.
    (5) The date of the sale.
    (6) The purchase price of the horse.
    (7) The following statement: “As the person signing below on behalf of the Owner, I hereby confirm that I am the lawful Owner of this horse or the Owner’s duly authorized agent, and I am authorized to convey legal title to the horse pursuant to this bill of sale.”
    (8) The following statement: “As the person signing below on behalf of the Purchaser, I understand that any warranties or representations from the Owner or the Owner’s agent that I am relying upon in acquiring this horse, including warranties or representations with respect to the horse’s age, medical condition, prior medical treatments, and the existence of any liens or encumbrances, should be stated in writing as part of this bill of sale.”
Rulemaking authorized by Florida Statutes § 535.16. Implements Florida Statutes § 535.16, 570.07(36). History—New 7-2-08.