(1) In accordance with Florida Statutes § 501.913, each brand of antifreeze to be distributed in this state shall be registered annually or biennially with the department prior to distribution or expiration of prior registration certificate and registrant shall make application on FDACS-03211, Antifreeze Registration Application, Rev. 02/19, hereby incorporated by reference. Copies of this form may be accessed at http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-10650. Application shall be made by the manufacturer, packager, or the person whose name appears on the label.
    (a) A “manufacturer” is the person or entity producing the antifreeze.
    (b) A “packager” is the person or entity that packages the antifreeze in sealed, unbroken packages.
    (2) The department shall register a brand of antifreeze authorizing the distribution of the specified antifreeze brand in the state for the specified permit period if the registration requirements are met, pursuant to Florida Statutes § 501.913, and this rule chapter.
    (3) In accordance with Florida Statutes § 501.918(1), any unregistered brand of antifreeze that was registered in the immediately preceding registration period and has not been renewed shall be disposed of within 90 days of registration expiration. Disposal shall be the responsibility of the registrant and in a manner as prescribed below. If the product has been placed under stop sale order by the department, it must be released by the department prior to the execution of any disposal method. Acceptable disposal methods are:
    (a) Removal of all such unregistered antifreeze from this state, not to be distributed again in this state unless successful registration has been completed, or;
    (b) Donation of product to a non-profit organization for consumption so long as all donated product is not adulterated and meets all specifications for quality and labeling, as prescribed in Sections 501.91-501.923, F.S.
Rulemaking Authority 501.913, 570.07(23) FS. Law Implemented 501.913, 501.918 FS. History—New 7-10-19.