Each architect and interior designer shall acquire a seal with which she or he shall identify all plans, specifications or reports prepared or issued by her or him and filed for public record. The seal shall be capable of leaving a permanent ink representation or other form of embossing or opaque and permanent impression, which also may be computer generated impressions, on the surface of prints or other duplications of drawings, and, as appropriate, upon specification pages, and other articles of service. Where required, electronic files may be sealed in accordance with Fl. Admin. Code R. 61G1-16.005
Rulemaking Authority 481.221 FS. Law Implemented Florida Statutes § 481.221. History—New 12-23-79, Formerly 21B-16.01, Amended 7-27-89, Formerly 21B-16.001, Amended 9-24-12, 11-11-13.