Chapter 1051 Texas Board of Architectural Examiners; General Provisions Affecting Architects, Landscape Architects, and Interior Designers; Provisions Affecting Only Architects 1051.001 – 1051.801
Chapter 1052 Landscape Architects 1052.003 – 1052.252
Chapter 1053 Interior Designers 1053.002 – 1053.252

Terms Used In Texas Occupations Code > Title 6 > Subtitle B - Regulation of Architecture and Related Practices

  • Commissioner: means the commissioner of agriculture. See Texas Agriculture Code 1.003
  • Department: means the Department of Agriculture. See Texas Agriculture Code 1.003
  • Guarantor: A party who agrees to be responsible for the payment of another party's debts should that party default. Source: OCC
  • Probable cause: A reasonable ground for belief that the offender violated a specific law.
  • Venue: The geographical location in which a case is tried.