(1) For each threshold building, a notice shall be filed with the enforcing agency, bearing the name, address, signature, date and seal of the threshold building inspector, certifying that the threshold building inspector is competent to provide the services for the specific type of structure.
    (2) Threshold building inspectors utilizing authorized representatives shall maintain responsible supervisory control over the representative pursuant to Fl. Admin. Code Chapter 61G1-23
    (3) Threshold building inspectors shall be in responsible charge of the work of the authorized representative, including reviewing reports and spot checks.
    (4) Threshold building inspectors shall institute quality assurance procedures to include but not be limited to requiring unscheduled visits, utilization or relevant check lists, use of a daily inspection report and insuring that the inspector or the authorized representative is at the project whenever so required by the inspection plan.
Specific Authority 481.2055, 481.225(2), 481.225 FS. Law Implemented 481.213(7) FS. History—New 5-23-01.