Effective date: 7/2/2000

    (1) Any licensee or registrant may elect at the time of license renewal to place the license or registration into inactive status by filing with the Board a completed application for inactive status as defined by Rule 61G5-25.001(2), F.A.C., and by paying the inactive status fee.
    (2) An inactive status licensee or registrant may change to active status at any time provided the licensee or registrant meets the continuing education requirements of Rule 61G5-32.001, F.A.C., pays the reactivation fee, and if the request to change licensure status is made at any time other than at the beginning of a licensure cycle, pays the additional processing fee. However, a licensee or registrant whose license or registration has been in inactive status for more than two consecutive biennial licensure cycles shall be required to submit a statement affirming that the licensee or registrant has read within the last thirty (30) days and is familiar with the laws and rules for the practice of cosmetology in the State of Florida before the license or registration can be placed into active status.
    (3) Any inactive licensee or registrant who elects active status is not eligible to elect to return to inactive status until the next licensure renewal period.
    (4) A cosmetologist or specialist may not work with an inactive or delinquent license or registration.
Specific Authority 477.016, 477.012 FS. Implements Florida Statutes § 477.0212, 455.271. History—New 2-1-95, Amended 4-5-95, 7-2-00.